President Joe Biden once again mentioned an electric Chevrolet Corvette during a press conference held on Thursday, despite no indication from General Motors that such a car is in development.

"I've got a commitment from [GM CEO Mary Barra], when they make the first electric Corvette, I get to drive it," Biden said while flanked by a Jeep Wrangler and GMC Hummer EV prototype in a video tweeted by The Hill. "You think I'm kidding, I'm not kidding."

Biden, who owns a C2 Corvette, first mentioned the electric Corvette in a campaign ad last fall, claiming he'd been told that it was in development, and that the electric 'Vette would be capable of 200 mph. 

At the time, a GM spokesperson told the Detroit Free Press that nobody had discussed an electric Corvette with Biden, but the Free Press also reported that an anonymous source familiar with production at the Corvette's Bowling Green Assembly plant in Kentucky confirmed the rumor.

Biden made his latest electric Corvette remarks at a press conference announcing his new EV policy. The president plans to sign an executive order calling for 50% of new-car sales to be electrified by 2030, but it's a nonbonding target rather than a mandate. Plug-in hybrids and hydrogen-electric vehicles will also be counted toward that total, alongside battery-electric vehicles.

GM was among the automakers to come out in support of the 50% sales goal, and has its own ambitious EV plans, based around the new Ultium modular battery system. A report earlier this year indicated the automaker is mulling a Corvette-badged electric crossover, likely as a competitor to the Ford Mustang Mach-E. GM has also said it wants all of its light-duty vehicles powered by electricity by 2035, and that would include the Corvette...if the sports car is still around then.