An important part of any automotive video game is recreating the sounds of the cars depicted. This video shows how Playground Games did it for "Forza Horizon 5," which is due to be released November 9.

First, you need a lot of cars. The "Forza" games have long car lists, and each car featured in a game needs authentic audio. The sample shown here includes everything from a Jaguar XJ220 and Lancia Stratos to a GMT400 pickup truck and Mk7 Volkswagen Golf R, plus a pair of A80 Toyota Supras. Each vehicle got mic'd up and was driven around a test track.

Recording sessions included the expected burnouts and fast drive-bys, but also recordings of engines idling and at startup, covering every scenario that might appear in the game.

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"Forza Horizon 5" takes place in Mexico and will feature the arcade-style gaming of previous "Horizon" titles, as opposed to the more realistic racing-simulator setup of the main "Forza Motorsport" series. A trailer released earlier this year showed a wide variety of terrain, ranging from rainforests to deserts—all rendered in 4K.

Based on the trailer, players will have a wide assortment of cars to choose from as well. A special Forza Edition of the Mercedes-Benz AMG One hypercar will be in the game, along with many off-road vehicles, including the Ford Bronco R and Land Rover Defender.

A new "Forza Motorsport" is on the way as well, although it may not be released until after "Forza Horizon 5."  Announced last year, it will also feature 4K graphics, as well as software to render light and shadows more realistically.