The eighth "Forza Motorsport" installment is on the way for the Xbox Series X console, and the trailer dropped Thursday.

Announced at Microsoft's Xbox preview event Thursday, "Forza Motorsport" (there is no "8" in the title) continues as a racing simulator, as opposed to the more arcade-like "Forza Horizon" series. The trailer shows a race at Laguna Seca for what appears to be a spec series using the Apollo Intensa Emozione, a car with a real-world production run of just 10 units. A BAC Mono and Mazda IMSA prototype can also be glimpsed in the trailer.

The trailer doesn't reveal much about the gameplay, but it does show off the game's impressive graphics. "Forza Motorsport" will feature 4K/60fps gameplay and something called "ray tracing," allowing for more realistic light reflections and shadows, according to The Verge.

Forza Motorsport trailer screenshot

Forza Motorsport trailer screenshot

At the preview event, Microsoft officials said the game is still in "early development," and did not announce a release date. When it arrives, "Forza Motorsport" will be available on both the Xbox Series X and Windows 10, and will be offered through Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass service.

The "Forza" franchise's main rival, "Gran Turismo," has a new installment coming as well. Last month, Sony announced that "Gran Turismo 7" will be among the first titles for its new PlayStation 5 console.

The game's first trailer showed a wide variety of cars, from the Mazda RX-Vision GT3 virtual racer to the Porsche 917. Sony did not confirm a release date, but said "Gran Turismo 7" would go on sale in time for the holiday season.