Audi's new Artemis skunkworks team is working to develop a highly advanced, highly efficient electric car due in 2024.

We'll get a preview, likely in the form of a concept, as early as 2021, Audi CEO Markus Duesmann said last week during Audi's annual general meeting.

The Artemis team was established earlier this year as a means to accelerate the development of cars and technology by using a less bureaucratic style of management, with the focus being on EVs and automated driving technology. The move is aimed at countering lean and fast-moving EV startups.

Markus Duesmann

Markus Duesmann

The team has also been tasked with developing an extensive ecosystem around the car, including a new business model. Other automakers that have attempted new business models have introduced concepts such as car subscriptions or car sharing.

Autocar reported in July that the first Artemis car will be a sedan similar in size to the A7 Sportback and equipped with self-driving technology. It would essentially be an expansion of the Audi Aicon, a concept for a spacious, self-driving car that was unveiled in 2017.

During his presentation last week, Duesmann also announced he has been placed in charge of R&D for the whole Volkswagen Group. In this position, he is also in charge of VW Group's new Car.Software-Organization. This new team will handle development of software systems for all group brands.