The Yenko name may be most commonly associated with classic Camaros, but in recent times we've seen it slapped on modern Chevys, including Corvettes and Silverados, too.

That's thanks to Specialty Vehicle Engineering of Toms River, New Jersey, which owns the rights to the Yenko trademark and uses it for its own array of tuned vehicles. The latest is the 2021 Yenko/SC Silverado which was first spotted on SVE's website by the folks at duPont Registry.

The 2021 Yenko/SC Silverado builds on knowledge gained from SVE's earlier Yenko/SC Silverados based on the previous generation of Chevy's full-size pickup truck. The tuning starts with the engine, in this case an upgraded version of General Motors' LT1 6.2-liter V-8.

SVE dials output to a supercar-like 800 horsepower and 720 pound-feet of torque. This is achieved by a supercharger, along with forged internals (pistons and crankshaft), ported heads, and a high-flow, stainless steel exhaust system. SVE also performs an upgrade for the truck's 6-speed automatic transmission to ensure it can handle the extra grunt.

2021 Yenko/SC Silverado

2021 Yenko/SC Silverado

SVE also upgrades the chassis, as all of the truck's power would be burdensome without proper control. Beefy 6-piston calipers with vented rotors feature at the front axle, housed within standard 22-inch wheels wrapped in 305/45-size tires. A sports suspension system lowers the truck and includes upgraded shocks. A new sway bar and bushings at the rear also help to get the power to the ground during strong acceleration.

The truck also receives some mild styling mods sporting the Yenko name. This includes a vented hood. Likewise, the interior has also been made to the look the part with custom floor mats, badges, and door sill treadplates. A leather trim package is available.

Buyers can choose between rear- and four-wheel drive for their trucks, as well as either the Silverado's crew cab or dual-cab bodies.

Pricing hasn't been announced but SVE's previous Yenko/SC Silverado upgrades started at $46,995, and that's not including the price of the donor truck. That's a hefty price but performance is on another level and production is being capped at just 50 units for the 2021 model year.