A Mercedes-Benz specialist in New Jersey is restoring a series of military-spec G-Wagens from the early 1990s, stripping them to bare metal and parts and painstakingly reassembling them with a few resto-modded improvements in a nod to modern convenience. 

Expedition Motor Company churns out these 250GD "Wolf" models in soft-top form with fold-down windshields and half-doors. For twice the retail price of a new Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, you could have one of these slick, meticulously restored machines. They're even modernized to an extent, sporting LED lights and brand-new suspension components, Top Gear says.

"Each 250GD Wolf that we restore is a bespoke masterpiece with nearly 1,000 hours in the making," Expedition says. "All our frame-off restored vehicles are turnkey solutions so that you may enjoy another 25 years of fun and service making your restored 4x4, a vehicle that you experience, not just drive."

These turnkey cars sell for about $90,000, and if you ask us, that's a bargain. They may not be as flashy or powerful as a brand-new G-Class, but the timeless design has aged gracefully and Expedition goes to incredible lengths to document each truck's build. If you ask nicely, they'll probably even source a more modern powertrain for you, but expect to shell out big bucks for that sort of conversion.

The gallery here is just a fraction of what the company makes available on its website. If you take delivery of one of these Wolfs, you know you're getting a truck that was rebuilt with care and skill. 

While Expedition Motor Company specializes in revitalizing the iconic G-Wagen, the company lists some other tasty off-road restorations among its builds, including a handful of late 1980s and early 1990s Land Rover Defender D90s. These models have since sold, but they're sure nice to look at.