A redesigned MKC is being introduced for 2020, only it isn't called an MKC as Lincoln has ditched its confusing three-letter naming strategy in favor of proper names that just so happen to feature a nautical theme. In the case of the redesigned MKC, Lincoln has selected the Corsair name, and the vehicle is one of the most compelling in the premium compact crossover segment.

Nissan will use this month's Tokyo Motor Show to present a concept previewing a new design language. The design language is called Timeless Japanese Futurism, and it combines smooth surfaces with Japanese motifs.

Can't make a decision on whether a 911 or a Taycan is the way to go? There are benefits to both and neither option is a bad decision, really. We are talking about Porsches here, after all. If there has to be a winner, it's probably the Taycan, reasons for which you can read about in the links below.

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