There are still four months left to go in 2019, but a young man in India has seemingly wrapped up this year’s “Brat of the Year” award.

That young man goes by the name of Akash and is the son of a wealthy land owner in Yamunanagar village. But apparently dear old dad isn’t quite well-off enough for Akash’s taste. After receiving a new BMW instead of the Jaguar he demanded for his 22nd birthday, Akash rolled the German luxury car into a nearby river in a fit of rage.

Locals spotted the BMW 3-Series floating down the Western Yamuna Canal and immediately called police, fearing someone could be trapped inside. Authorities quickly arrived on the scene and determined the vehicle was unoccupied. Their attention then turned to removing the BMW from the water and tracking down the vehicle’s owner.

Police eventually caught up with Akash and questioned the 22-year-old about the submerged BMW. The Brat of the Year frontrunner reportedly admitted to dumping the BMW in the canal because he didn’t get the Jaguar he desired.

"Akash was demanding a Jaguar car from his father, but when his father failed to buy him one, he threw away his BMW in a fit of anger," Mukesh Kumar, a station house officer for the Chhachhrauli police, told The Times of India.

The boy’s father told Fox News that Akash wanted a Jaguar because it has a roomier interior, but he “could only afford to give him a BMW.”

A BMW 3-Series goes for around $49,000 in India, while a Jaguar has a starting price of about $70,000.

Officials called the incident a personal matter and they will proceed according to the law. It's unclear if that means Akash will be arrested for face a fine.