If an Oscar Mayer wiener is what you'd truly love to be, the famed hot dog firm invites you to spend a night in sausage paradise.

The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile has been turned into an RV of sorts, and the company is giving anyone a chance to book a night in the vehicle via Airbnb. The Wienermobile, currently stationed in the metro Chicago area, now boasts numerous amenities for up to number of two guests. The 27-foot-long hot dog on wheels includes a pull-out couch bed, a small interior seating area, and a mini fridge pre-stocked with all the hot dogs guests could want. Further, there's additional space outside for a outdoor picnic area and bathroom breaks.

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Oscar Mayer is hoping music festival fans will be ready and willing to camp out in the hot dog-shaped RV for a night. Bookings start at $136 per night—a rather inexpensive stay in a vehicle, but guests get more than just that. Not only does it have all the comforts listed above, but guests will receive a welcome package with hot dog-inspired gifts and trinkets. Wienermobile art is also free of charge for guests to take home to remember their stay.

Guests will need to simply relish in the stay itself, however, as there's no Wi-Fi or television. Think of your mobile sausage stay as glamping, but instead of a fancy tent, it's a hot dog-shaped RV.

The company said it will open up the opportunity to book the Wienermobile on July 24, and Airbnb said the site has already received plenty of attention.