Lexus' body-on-frame GX SUV soldiers on into the 2020 model year with some minor updates, one of which is an available off-road package.

To highlight this, Lexus has built a wild GX concept designed to tackle the roughest terrain.

It's called the GXOR Concept, and according to Lexus it was inspired by a group of GX owners who use their SUVs far away from the shopping strip.

The group is named GXOR (GX Off-Road) and regularly meets at events around the country. One of the events takes place this week, the FJ Summit in Ouray, Colorado, and visitors will get to see the GXOR Concept in action.

Specific upgrades include a lift kit, chunky off-road tires, a snorkel, and a winch. There's also a roof rack for extra storage and a matching camper trailer to carry everything you need to survive away from civilization.

The off-road package designed for the 2020 GX isn't quite as extreme, though it certainly isn't lacking. It includes handy items like a driving modes selector for various terrain types, such as loose rocks, mud and sand, and snow, plus a crawl mode and even camera monitoring systems that can show what's going on in front of the vehicle, on the sides, and underneath. The latter can be useful in urban environments to avoid scraping your wheels when curb-side parking.