Ferrari will reveal a new hybrid supercar on May 31, but details have slowly begun to trickle out ahead of time. While we learned last week the supercar may pack 986 horsepower, a new report claims it will also have all-wheel drive.

German website Auto Motor und Sport reported more powertrain and drivetrain details for the electrified supercar. Specifically, the website said to expect a 3.9-liter twin-turbo V-8 paired with three electric motors. The V-8 engine should come directly from the mid-engine F8 Tributo, where it makes 710 horsepower. It seems quite possible the V-8 will make an identical power figure and the three electric motors will add the extra 276 hp for the rumored 986-hp figure.

One motor will sit inside the transmission and two electric motors will be placed on the front axle to create AWD, per the report. The website also floated "intelligent torque vectoring" as part of the system.

Aside from these details, we're still left in the dark on what else we can expect from the supercar. However, this won't be a limited-run car. Instead, Ferrari has already confirmed the hybrid supercar will have a regular production run. Despite that fact, it may overshadow the limited-run Ferrari LaFerrari in terms of power and performance.

LaFerrari supercar

LaFerrari supercar

The car will also usher in a hybrid era for Ferrari. It's rumored the Italian marque has both hybrid V-8 and hybrid V-6 powertrains in development. Ferrari called this supercar a range-topping hybrid, which leads us to believe we'll see the V-8. Lesser models could use detuned V-8s or the hybrid V-6 powertrain. Electrification should not, however, affect Ferrari's V-12.

In total, Ferrari plans for 15 new cars by 2022 and 60 percent of them will be hybrids. Electrification is a requirement moving forward to meet stricter emissions standards globally, especially as the company aims to boost sales with more models.