Jaguar-Land Rover will encourage drivers to share their data voluntarily in exchange for compensation in the form of cryptocurrency.

On Monday, the British automaker announced the data sharing and payment process, which uses Smart Wallet technology to unlock access to crytocurrency. JLR will provide cryptocurrency credits to drivers who opt to share data on potholes and traffic congestion with navigation providers and local authorities while driving. The credits can be redeemed for rewards such as a cup of coffee, toll payments, parking fees, or even electric-car charging.

JLR said the Smart Wallet system is unique to send and receive payments because it has no transaction fees. Although it focuses on cryptocurrency, owners can also top off a Smart Wallet account with traditional funds. Like the potholes drivers may report, cryptocurrency could grow even larger, or vanish all together.

Jaguar-Land Rover Smart Wallet

Jaguar-Land Rover Smart Wallet

JLR forecasts the Smart Wallet network to include 75 billion connected devices in the next six years.

The automaker said its focus on the Smart Wallet and data sharing is part of its goal for a shared economy and its Destination Zero strategy, which aims for zero emissions, zero accidents, and zero congestion. With more drivers sharing data, the roads become safer and congestion declines, which would reduce tailpipe emissions.

For those ready to score some cash by reporting traffic conditions, the system isn't rolling out right away. JLR is testing the program in Shannon, Ireland, where its software engineering base is located. A timeline for when the technology could come to a production Jaguar or Land Rover vehicle near you hasn't been announced.