Icona, the global design studio behind the Vulcano titanium supercar concept, is ready to demonstrate the breadth of its capabilities with a new concept to be presented at next week's Auto Shanghai 2019.

The concept is described as a self-driving logistics vehicle for Chinese online retail giant JD, and you can bet that it runs on battery power alone.

Judging by a teaser photo released on Monday, the concept is likely to be a last-mile delivery vehicle designed to transport goods between a delivery hub and the customer. It's an idea a number of firms are exploring, with some even incorporating drone technology.

Icona's concepts aren't intended for production but rather serve to promote the firm's talents to prospective customers, namely major OEMs which often outsource their design jobs to firms like Icona. Given Icona's latest creations, it's clear the firm is looking to expand outside of the traditional automotive scene.

We'll have more details on Icona's concepts shortly as the Shanghai auto show opens its doors on April 16. For more coverage, head to our dedicated hub.