Karma will use next month's Auto Shanghai 2019 to present a trio of vehicles pointing to the EV brand's immediate, mid-term and long-term plans.

For the mid-term plans, Karma will present the Pininfarina concept, which as its name suggests is the result of the partnership between Karma and Italian design house and nascent car manufacturer Pininfarina.

No details on the Pininfarina concept were released apart from a teaser shot that hints at a low, wide stance and a repeat of the mustache-shaped grille. The design was a controversial feature of the original Fisker Karma, which Karma sells in updated form as the Revero.

The Pininfarina concept will be joined on Karma's Shanghai auto show stand by a second update of the Revero representing Karma's immediate plans (sales will start in the second half of 2019), and the Vision concept which represents the company's long-term plans.

We should have more details shortly as the Shanghai auto show opens its doors on April 16. Stay tuned.