The saying, "they don't make 'em like they used to" certainly applies here. In the latest installment of Porsche's "Top 5" series, the brand looked back on its five fanciest seat patterns put into production.

Right away, the nostalgic feelings wash over us with the Porsche 928 S. The 1983 model features maroon-red leather upholstery with white stripes in the seat cushions. The same maroon color stretches to the dashboard and other interior elements and is properly fancy, as Porsche describes it here.

Moving right along, we arrive at the pinstripe look on a 911 Carrera 3.2 Coupe. The 1989 model features a similar dark red upholstery for the seats (not leather, which is even cooler) with cool white pinstripes in the entire seat. That includes the side bolsters, and the contrast looks quite good against the white exterior color.

Number three is really special: a 1974 911 Turbo. Not just any 911 Turbo, but the first turbocharged model Porsche ever built. And it boasts a tartan fabric on the seat inserts with a Scottish-looking red and blue plaid pattern. Even the door panels see the same plaid pattern, which is properly 1970s, but stands up well today. To tie it all in, the exterior also boasts the same pattern on the lower doors. Forget Alcantara, we want more tartan. 

Pepita is the fabric of choice for the number two seat pattern, which is better known as "houndstooth." The car that bears the wonderful seat pattern is a Porsche 901 from 1964. The 901 was the original name for what became the 911, and it's the oldest 911 Porsche has in its collection. The houndstooth in black and white looks wonderful against the bright red exterior.

Finally, pasha rounds up the top five seat patterns, what we often refer to as "checkerboard." A 1981 911 Targa SC wears the pattern and it's supposed to recall a checkered flag waved at the finish line in motorsport. Again, the pattern looks wonderful of the bright red exterior color, too.

Now we hope Porsche gets creative and begins incorporating these wilder designs back into its modern cars.