The Pininfarina car brand plans for a portfolio of high-performance electric cars and the Italian firm wasn't joking when it declared a high-end positioning. The first car from Pininfarina, the code-named PF0 hypercar, will reportedly arrive with around 1,900 horsepower, or more than any other car in production.

The astonishing figure was revealed in a Tuesday Auto Express report, which added the PF0 will also boast 1,697 pound-feet of torque. The power will come from four electric motors, one for each wheel, thanks to powertrain partner Rimac. The name should ring a bell; the Croatian company sells the C_Two supercar with a 1,914-hp electric powertrain.

Pininfarina also targets a 0-60 mph time of less than two seconds and 0-186 mph in under 12 seconds. The car's top speed is still unknown, but it should be in excess in 250 mph.

When it comes time to charge the electric hypercar, a fast charger will juice the battery pack up to 80 percent in no more than 40 minutes, per the report. The Italian company pegs a 300-mile electric range, though we imagine the car will travel much farther when it operates at high speeds. We don't have specifics on the battery, but it's reportedly 25-percent larger than a Tesla Model S sedan's battery pack.

Teaser for Pininfarina PF0 electric hypercar debuting at 2019 Geneva auto show

Teaser for Pininfarina PF0 electric hypercar debuting at 2019 Geneva auto show

To combat the large and heavy battery pack, the PF0 will feature a body and chassis made from carbon fiber to cut down on weight.

Pininfarina spun off a car-building division earlier this year from the Italian design house and coachbuilder. Of course, Pininfarina cars will feature Pininfarina designs, which the company dubbed Pura, Italian for "pure." The car division will invest $22.5 million in the design house to handle the design, development, and production of the PF0 and all other vehicles planned for the new brand. We'll see the PF0 make its world debut at the 2019 Geneva auto show next March.