When the Lincoln Aviator makes its debut in production form, it will have a little piece of Detroit engrained within it. Instead of using computer-generated tones, Lincoln approached the Detroit Symphony Orchestra (DSO) to record the luxury SUV's warning chimes, the brand revealed on Monday. The orchestra accepted the challenge.

The results are incredibly pleasing tones. The DSO recorded more than 125 options, which were then pared down to six final selections. The tones will represent three distinct chime levels for 25 of the Lincoln Aviator's features: non-critical, soft-warning chimes, and hard-warning chimes.

Instances such as the fuel door left open, an unbuckled passenger, an ajar door, and more will trigger the pleasant tones composed of violin, viola, and percussion instruments.

Lincoln explained how each tone should sound and what it should evoke before the artists got to work recording their best interpretation. 

"We told them, basically, to design their own soundscapes. Then they just went in and started playing. And it was phenomenal,” Jennifer Prescott, supervisor, vehicle harmony, said. Out of the 125 recorded tones, the team zeroed in on one distinct tone, from which the DSO then created a symphony of alerts.

For an idea of what to expect from the tones, fast-forward to the 0:28 mark in the video to hear the new tone Aviator owners will hear when a door is ajar, the headlights are left on, or fuel is low.

Lincoln Aviator SUV

Lincoln Aviator SUV

Hopefully, drivers will enjoy the DSO warning chimes because Lincoln said after they debut with the new Aviator, the chimes will be incorporated into all future Lincoln models.

Aside from sharing insight into the Aviator's creative chimes, the brand also confirmed the SUV will make its debut at the 2018 Los Angeles auto show on Nov. 28. The next-generation Ford Explorer will follow the Aviator's debut sometime next year. Both vehicles will share the same rear-wheel-drive-based platform that is sure to offer all-wheel drive.