Aston Martin recently announced that it has a fresh super car in the works. Right now, we know it only by the code name of 003. The automaker has a penchant for adhering to vehicle names starting with the letter "V", however, and a past trademark application of the name "Valhalla" lead us down a path towards the mystery moniker.

We had an inkling this could happen: It was a year ago that Aston Martin Chief Creative Officer Marek Reichman stated the Vahalla name would be applied to an upcoming supercar. If that's the case for 003, then the Valhalla will join the Vulcan and the Valkyrie near the top of the Aston Martin food chain. Sitting next to those three, we will soon see a completely new mid-engine supercar with the Vanquish name, as well.

So where would the Valhalla fit in?

Valkyrie is the top dog in the Aston Martin hierarchy of cars. At the bottom, you'll find the Vantage. Climb the ladder through the DB range and arrive at the next level of V cars. Here is where Valhalla will sit. It should serve as a competitor to mid spec Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and McLarens. Keep going up to Valkyrie, and that's the machine that faces off against the likes of the upcoming Mercedes-AMG One or the McLaren Speedtail.

The goal is a machine that sits just below highly focused Valkyrie, but with a broader appeal. As such, the Valhalla—if that's 003's name—will not come bearing V-12 fruit. Instead, Aston Martin will likely utilize a brand-new turbocharged V-6 that's being developed in-house.

Motor Authority reached out to an Aston Martin spokesman for an update or insight on these claims and we were told, "No comment."