This is like a Lego kit for billionaires. Saturday's Coys Auctions event at Blenheim Palace in the United Kingdom saw the hammer go down on millions of dollars worth of rare, original spare parts. Part of the auction included almost all of the parts one would need to assemble a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO.

In its complete form, a Ferrari 250 GTO is just about the most expensive car you'll find on the planet. The CEO of WeatherTech recently spent $70 million to buy one. Values on any 250 GTO have been climbing steadily for the last coupld of decades, and there's clearly no signs of stopping.

What Coys auctioned is the chassis frame from a 1962 Ferrari 250. It wears chassis No. 4105GT, which puts it at odds with another Ferrari out there. Apparently the Ferrari 250 GTE used in the 1977 film "Poliziotto Sprint" has chassis No. 4105GT. That chassis wound up in a museum and the engine from the car wound up in a 250 GT SWB.

Regardless, there was also an original Ferrari V-12 , a 250 GTO-style tubular frame, and tons of bodywork pieces at the Coys auction. To get the car rolling, there was also a set of wheels, suspension, and the brake components. You could have also picked up the cooling system, gauges, and a number of other parts at the auction. In other words, a container filled with nearly everything you'll need to put the car back together.

Whoever ended up with the parts will need to spend even more money to bring the car back to life. When it's all said and done though, they'll have one of the most unique Ferrari 250s out there. What once spent decades in a container is now ready to roar through its V-12 once again. At least, we hope that's what happens. All of these parts could change hands a few times before someone finally tackles the project.

It's daunting, but with the amount of parts being sold it's certainly doable.