The most powerful Mercedes-Benz X-Class right now is the X350d powered by a 3.0-liter turbocharged V-6 diesel with 258 horsepower and 406 pound-feet of torque, but the mid-size pickup might offer a V-8 in the future.

That's according to X-Class engineering boss Frank Schumacher, who in an interview with Drive published Wednesday said a V-8-powered X-Class was possible and that production could happen if demand was strong enough.

“If there will be wishes after the launch of the vehicle that says we need to have V-8, then probably we will put in a V-8." he said. "But that’s always a response on customer request.”

Before you get hopes, Schumacher explained that such a vehicle would only really appeal in the United States, where the X-Class isn't sold.

“A [pickup] like that’s a different size of vehicle, it is very limited to the U.S. really,” he said.

It means the chances of a V-8-powered X-Class actually happening are slim. Schumacher explained that most X-Class buyers are only interested in 4-cylinder options.

Even with a V-8 on offer in the X-Class, don't expect to see one with AMG badges attached. The Affalterbach tuner has ruled out its own version of the X-Class because of the vehicle's donor Nissan platform. Of course, there are others who are more than happy to tune it.