Brabham just announced its new track-only monster machine called the BT62. When you introduce a new race car, you're also introducing a need to collect, transmit, and store a hefty amount of data. Be it vehicle data, customer information, or all sorts of on-track telemetry bits and bytes, a technical partner serves a much-needed role in understanding and handling all of that information. To that end, Brabham is teaming up with Microsoft.

This partnership represents a number of bonuses for Brabham. First, potential BT62 customers will be able to view their future race cars through a variety of mixed reality technologies. From future product development to actual customer configuration tools, Brabham can work in virtual spaces and wield rear-world results.

Next, Brabham plans to offer BT62 customers a driver performance development program. This will be powered by advanced cognitive technologies from Microsoft.

Finally, Brabham will analyze and grow it's business by using Microsoft’s advanced cloud-computing platform, Azure, which utilizes data aggregation, machine learning, and predictive analytics.

The meat of it all is that Brabham knows how to build race cars that go quite fast. Microsoft knows how to apply all sorts of technologies to a wide range of industries. Brabham can only benefit from more data, and more ways to interpret and utilize that information for its supercar and motorsports endeavors.

Our favorite data point regarding the BT62, however, is its mighty 700-horsepower 5.4-liter V-8 engine. We aren't conversant in Azure, but we understand 700 horsepower just fine.