If you had a Porsche 918 Spyder, where would you want to take it? What if you had 18 friends that also owned 918 Spyders? It might be time to hit the Alps, which is what Porsche and 19 918 Spyder owners recently did. The route was 1,500 kilometers and the $20 million strong convoy had five days to go from one end of an Alpine pass to the other.

Porsche wrangled up two percent of all the 918 Spyders ever built. The plan was to set off on an incredible road trip with an astounding collection of vehicles. Even if that collection consists of only one model from Porsche, it's still amazing to see 19 of them in the one place. Never mind the fact that the owners seem to be truly enjoying themselves and their machines on this twisting, turning slice of driving heaven.

The footage itself is equally as impressive as the cars. A mixture of tight driving shots paired with wide drone footage interlaces with closely cropped footage of some of the drivers. It all mixes perfectly with the chosen backing track to create an engaging video that ends far too quickly.

Much like the run of cars themselves, really. Porsche built 918 examples over the course of two years. The original asking price was $845,000 before any options were added. A quick glance at the DuPont Registry shows ten listed for sale with asking prices ranging from $1.6 million to over $2.1 million. The rest of the listings simply say that you're going to call if you want to hear the price.

Outside of a Porsche-sanctioned festival or some future Goodwood event, we doubt you'll see this many 918 Spyders in one place anytime soon. What's even less likely is to see 19 918 supercars being truly enjoyed in the manner the engineers intended on such a stunning road. Click play, and then click play again because you're going to want to watch this one more than once.