The BMW 5-Series has long been a beloved uber sedan. In its most basic form, it represents a powerful and moderately upscale entry in the mid-size luxury sedan segment. At the upper end of the scale you have the mighty M5, which remains the measuring stick by which other sports sedans are measured.

Every BMW fan has their preferred generation of a given model, and they all know the model codes heart. For those of you who enjoy all things E34, BMW has some solid advice with regards to finding an example to call your own.

BMW is documenting a handful of folks who are setting out on an adventure road rally. To compete, the teams are searching for an E34 BMW, and they're fortunate to have the help of an expert of all things related to Bavaria's favorite motor car. As they shop, the expert is on hand to make sure the right car is found.

First up, a lovely E34 Touring gets the full review by this expert, and he immediately dives underneath the car. His first order of business is examining the front axle so he can determine if the front suspension is in solid working order. That means no play in the struts, wishbone, and other suspension components. Next, the rear axle gets a look so the expert can take a look at the condition of the rubber bearings before moving on to the rear tailgate wiring.

The fuel filler, lower portions of the front fenders, and the corners where the doors meet the body of the car are all examined for rust. It seems these areas were more prone to this on the E34, and thus a careful bit of scrutiny is in order. After all of that is inspected, the BMW expert declares that this E34 Touring is a solid purchase.

Once purchased, the car is then taken to BMW's own Classic garage. There the mechanic goes over the basic maintenance and repair of many aspects. This way the team can handle their own on the rally adventure ahead of them. They'll need this knowledge because it's a 6,000-kilometer blast from Germany all the way to Jordan.

Apparently the expert knew what he was talking about, because the team scored a 2nd place finish with their old BMW wagon.