Porsche's high-intensity 911 GT2 RS is a 700-horsepower rear-drive sports car that recently lit the Nürburgring on fire.

Now, thanks to artist Ronan Miah, it can light up your walls, too.

Miah is skilled at capturing the exacting details of an automobile. He's also savvy when it comes time to add in a bit more splash, as you can see on some of his other works shown at his website www.romanmiah.com. There you can buy a print or even original pieces at prices rather more affordable than filling your garage with the real thing.

The 911 GT2 RS you see above sold for $175. A Bugatti Chiron transformed into art through a watercolor painting was just $100. If you want poster prints of any of Miah's artwork, they often sell for just $20.

It's no surprise that a car like the GT2 RS would inspire a creative person to get down to work. This is a car that's the featured vehicle in the latest Forza Motorsport 7 video game series, and it's no doubt the feature vehicle in the dreams of many a young enthusiast.