Perps on the run in the United Kingdom take note: police forces are stepping up their game—literally. The Lincolnshire police force is testing a new way to train officers in high-speed driving and it involves a whole lot of video games.

Through a partnership with Sony's PlayStation, four officers clocked a lap time at Silverstone raceway in their standard BMW patrol cars. After a day of setting their best lap times, PlayStation then put them behind the wheel of "Gran Turismo Sport" to hone their skills on the digital version of the race track. The video game alerted the officers to any areas of improvement, such as late braking, carrying too much speed through a corner, and tendencies for over or understeer, reports Auto Express.

Some of the officers were able to clock quicker lap times after learning from "Gran Turismo Sport" and they exhibited increased smoothness in a vehicle's operation—and your parents told you not to play too many video games.

Assistant Chief Constable Shaun West noted that nothing can replace physical training and real-life experience, but the department looked forward to utilizing "Gran Turismo Sport" to further enhance officers' high-speed driving skills.

 "If Gran Turismo can help to train world-class racing drivers, then we were keen to explore whether it could offer anything to our officers and help expand the way we think about evolving and refreshing our training methods," he told the British magazine.

"Gran Turismo Sport" is no joke and its online racing is FIA-recognized. The game even requires players to view an etiquette video before taking to the digital race track. Thankfully, the opportunity to improve one's driving skills isn't only for British police; "Gran Turismo Sport" hit the market in the U.S. on Tuesday.