An original Porsche Speedster isn't an easy purchase. Built from 1954 to 1958, these minimalist roadster versions of the 356 featured low, raked windshields that could be removed, bucket seats, and convertible tops that were barely there. Today, it is difficult to even locate one, and if you can find one, it won't exactly be inexpensive. A company called Stärke out of Scottsdale, Arizona, may have the perfect solution with its reborn Porsche Speedster.

Unlike a replica car kit, the Stärke Speedster uses a Porsche Boxster as a donor car, and the modifications are made from there. Stärke will allow customers to choose any Boxster model built between 1998 and 2012 for the Speedster conversion.

The Stärke Speedster's body is completely bespoke and molds the vintage design quite well to the modern proportions of the Porsche Boxster. However, Stärke offers a few choices for customers. The Speedster CS (classic series) is the most affordable option, and it approximates the original Porsche Speedster best.

From there, the options get pricier and a little wilder. The Speedster "Outlaw" ditches some of the vintage inspiration for a retro interpretation of the Speedster with racing cues. The Revolution Speedster SC offers the best of the past and present, and the Speedster Carbon Fiber "Outlaw" is exactly what it sounds like: a Speedster built with a carbon-fiber body.

All of the reborn Speedsters, save for the CS, benefit from a sport exhaust system and a Bilstein adjustable coilover suspension. The Speedster Carbon Fiber "Outlaw" adds an XR57 3.7-liter engine upgrade, which produces up to 375 horsepower.

The Speedster CS gets its own set of customization facets, though they lean toward vintage cues rather than high performance. No matter which Speedster is chosen, customers have the choice to customize nearly every trim piece and interior color combination, and they can choose from a palette of factory colors or modern paint hues.

Pricing for the Speedster CS starts at $49,950, but Stärke requires the customer to supply the donor car. If customers require assistance, the company will even help them locate a Boxster in good condition. Prices jump to $79,950 for the "Outlaw" and Revolution and all the way to $149,950 for the Speedster Carbon Fiber "Outlaw," though it also packs greater performance. After a donor car is supplied and the design is finalized between the company and the customer, Stärke says it will take about 120 days to build a reborn Speedster.