If James Bond can have his submarine cars, why can't Aston Martin get in on the action? The British purveyor of gorgeous luxury sports cars has teamed up with the right company to make that happen. Aston Martin has consulted on the design of a new submersible with Triton Submarines and it's called Project Neptune.

Based in Vero Beach, Florida, Triton builds submarines and submersible craft. You'd typically find these as either the playthings of the super wealthy or employed into action by scientists. Triton offerings range from vessels that can dive down to about 1,000 feet all the way to deep-sea vessels that can go to the ocean floor.

They're not cheap, of course. A sub will run you a few million dollars. So it makes sense, then, that a luxury automaker like Aston Martin would be called upon meld these two well-heeled worlds.

Project Neptune created by Triton Submarines and Aston Martin

Project Neptune created by Triton Submarines and Aston Martin

Project Neptune is a conceptual underwater craft that combines the technology from Triton with the design and luxury from an Aston Martin product. It's built on Triton's compact LP (low profile) platform, which serves as the perfect platform for Bond fetishists to live out their wildest dreams.

In standard Triton guise, this is a three-passenger craft capable of reaching down to 1,650 feet under the surface of the ocean. That's a long way down, and it gives you 12 hours of travel time, complete with humidity controls to keep the cabin cozy.

A large enough ship could utilize a crane to swing Project Neptune overboard. From there, a pilot and two joyriders can explore the ocean's depths. Presumably, the trio will enjoy their time while rocking out to the sounds coming from the Bang & Olufsen system we assume is available.

This is one heck of a toy. Aston Martin assures us it's a limited-edition craft. That's fine because there are a limited amount of people who will be able to afford and utilize it.


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