Jay Leno once again welcomes noted Ferrari collector David Lee into his garage.

This time Lee has brought along his 2003 Ferrari Enzo, which leaves both men pining for the world of high-horsepower naturally aspirated engines. A 6.0-liter V-12 engine will do that to you, especially when it can scream up to a 8,200 rpm redline and spin out 651 horsepower.

The Enzo represents an amazing use of Formula One technology adapted for road car use. David Lee explains that in the beginning of the video, but Jay also recognizes that this amazing machine is already dated. It's wild to think that, but it's true when you consider that Dodge has a sedan that makes more power than this Ferrari supercar. Ferrari itself built the LaFerrari with 949 horsepower.

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Regardless, the mid-engine Enzo is still an awe inspiring machine. It was the first Ferrari to use carbon ceramic brakes, it weighed in at only 3,000 pounds, and only 400 were built, with the last one for the Vatican. Once Jay fires it up, your ears are treated to something special. A car named for the founder of Ferrari has to be special, and the Enzo is certainly that. It still looks delightfully out of place on the road, as it should.

A number of cars today might be faster. They have more features and even offer more outrageous styling. The Enzo, though, remains a true icon of the world of the supercar.