When an automaker creates a street car from one of its race cars, you know a lot of them won't be produced. When the automaker is Alfa Romeo and the timeframe is the late 1960s, you're going to see even fewer examples built. If you're at the right place and the right time, however, you might just capture an ultra-rare 33 Stradale with your smartphone.

This gorgeous assembly of parts is based on the Tipo 33 racing machine. Alfa Romeo built 18 examples between 1967 and 1969 for the road and called it the 33 Stradale. It was Alfa's first vehicle to feature dihedral doors, and it made copious use of aluminum in its construction. 

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Out back you'll find an engine that is familiar to Alfa Romeo Montreal owners. The fiery little 2.0-liter V-8 produces 230 horsepower and quickly revs up to a 10,000-rpm limiter. Alfa let owners run it in race tune and the power would rise an additional 40 horses.

This particular car is worth around $10,00,000 and it sounds absolutely amazing, as you can hear in this video from YouTuber John Keep. It's wild to think that such a sound is being created by an engine that's basically the same size as your average Audi-BMW-Chevy-Ford-Mercedes-Kia-Honda-Toyota four-banger. Still, we're dealing with double the cylinder count, double the banks, and a heck of a lot deeper rev range.

Even if you removed the engine completely, the 33 Stradale would stand on its own as a piece of art. Those flowing lines aren't found in today's crease-filled world.

Watch the video to appreciate those lines and the great sound from that 50-year old tiny V-8 engine.


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