We love Lego. You and/or your kids can craft the stuff of dreams in scale from random bricks or from one of the kits following the directions. Sometimes, however, a team comes together to make that scale 1:1 and that's where some really magical stuff snaps to life. Such is the case with this full-scale Ferrari Formula One race car.

Ferrari and Lego have come together to produce a life-size version of the Scuderia Ferrari SF16-H. It's a car that was campaigned during the 2016 season and driven by Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Räikkönen. If you're curious, that letter and number jumble stands for Scuderia Ferrari 2016 and the last H stands for Hybrid.

This Lego racer doesn't have any electronic bits but rather a bundle of bricks holding it together. In fact, there are just under 350,000 bricks in total and the whole things tips the scales at 1,250 pounds. Almost 850 hours were required to design the car and another 750 hours were needed to put it all together.

It's all been done in an effort to highlight the Speed Champions kit version of this very car. That one requires quite a bit less in terms of man hours and bricks, and it will only cost you about $15 to own.


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