Why would someone pay over $206,000 for a Hummer H1? Celebrity provenance certainly helps.

Tupac's 1996 Hummer H1 first hit the auction block in 2016, when it sold for a hefty $337,000. But that buyer welched on the deal and the modified H1 went back on the block and just sold for $206,531, to be exact.

The H1 far exceeded the pre-auction estimate of around $100,000 both this time and the first time the hammer came down.

This black over tan H1 was the last vehicle Tupac purchased before his death in 1996. In fact, he purchased it just one month before he was gunned down in Las Vegas. He added a few items to make this H1 his own, including a Clarion audio system that must have been pretty high-tech two decades ago, external PA system, larger off-road tires and wheels, a spotlight on the roof, and a brush guard up front.

After he died, the vehicle was given to Tupac's mother. She placed it in storage before it was later sold off to former family friends. Eventually it wound up at auction, and it seems as if it may finally have a new home. assuming this latest bidder doesn't back out as well.


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