Alcon likes big brake kits, and it cannot lie. That's why it's created such a kit for the Ford F-150 Raptor.

This is a big rig that manages to haul itself down from speed nicely, but there's always room for improvement. That's what the Alcon brake kit provides.

If you upgrade to this kit, you'll find a 10 percent reduction in disc temperature, a 33 percent reduction in pad work rate and a longer life, and up to 15 percent less pedal effort requirement. Those figures are all per Alcon, of course, but they seem to be in line with what a powerful brake upgrade kit provides.

2017 Ford F-150 Raptor equipped with Alcon brake upgrade

2017 Ford F-150 Raptor equipped with Alcon brake upgrade

For around $3,300 (based on our Internet shopping), you'll get a set of front and rear brakes. This includes the rotors, pads, and calipers. The kit works with the stock brake lines. A set of six-piston calipers clamp on the front stoppers, while a four-piston caliper grabs on each of the rears.

This upgrade kit is available for the previous-generation Raptor, too. It can also be applied to the standard F-150 should you desire.

But we need to take a moment to talk about the Alcon Raptor itself. Is that not one badass rig? It's had some work done in all the right places, and it looks aggressive, angry, and awesome. That's exactly how a Raptor should look.