BMW CEO Harald Krüger in a press conference on Thursday outlining the company’s financial results revealed more details about the planned iNext.

iNext is the code name for BMW’s next model from its i sub-brand for electrified and self-driving cars. Production is due to start in 2021.

During the press conference, Krüger said the iNext will be built at BMW’s main plant in Dingolfing which is located close to BMW’s headquarters in Munich. The plant is where BMW builds its regular models like the 5- and 7-Series, whereas the i3 and i8 are sourced from a more specialized plant located in Leipzig.

The iNext isn’t the oft-rumored i5 but a new flagship model intended to bolster BMW’s luxury and tech credentials. For example, it will offer a full self-driving mode and an infotainment system with gesture control and holographic displays.

BMW boasts the iNext will set the “benchmark” for self-driving capability, electrification and connectivity, though the car is still four years out and rival firms are just as eager to be at the forefront of the massive technological changes shaking up the industry.

In the interim, we'll see more electric and electrified cars from BMW. An i8 Roadster goes on sale in 2018. It will be followed in 2019 by an electric Mini and in 2020 by an electric X3.

Pictured above is BMW’s Vision Next 100 concept which was rolled out last year to celebrate the automaker’s centennial and preview upcoming technology and design themes.