Engineering Explained is back with a new video, this time on how to replace the rear differential in a Honda S2000. In this case, the swap stems from our host, Jason Fenske, using this opportunity to change out gear sets, switching from a 4.1 final drive ratio to a 4.44, to get quicker acceleration through all gears.

The eight-minute clip is thorough, covering everything from how to separate the lower ball joint on the rear suspension to allow enough clearance to remove the rear half shafts to how best to avoid stripping the socket-head bolts that mate the driveshaft with the pinion flange. To make the job easier, Jason removes the rear tires, the exhaust system from the cat back, and various parts of the suspension. If you want detailed, step-by-step instructions that go above and beyond the factory service manual, you're not going to get much better than this.

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Jason even goes through the pains of documenting the torque specifications for each fastener, and includes some steps omitted by the good people at Honda in their own write up. 

Why would you need this information if you weren't planning on swapping gear sets? Maybe your S2000 never saw the service it required, and the differential bearings are shot. Maybe the rubber mounts have deteriorated and need to be replaced. Or maybe you just want to see the clever engineering behind these cars. No matter what, this video is worth your time.

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