Ford’s Mustang has proven that Europe has an insatiable hunger for American muscle. But for whatever reason Chevrolet is yet to make any serious attempt on meeting that demand with its Camaro.

The car, along with its Corvette big brother, is available via a handful of dealers spread across The Old Continent, but Chevy has never really gone out of its way to stress that fact. That may be about change, however.

At the 2017 Geneva auto show, Chevy will unveil the Camaro Track concept. Partially revealed in this teaser shot, the concept appears to be based on the Camaro SS but fitted with go-fast goodies from the track-focused 1LE package.

Chevy hasn’t revealed much in the way of details but describes the car as a street-legal “track day warrior.” Among the upgrades we know are fitted to the car are 20-inch wheels, a front lip spoiler, sporty side sills, Brembo brakes and lowered suspension.

Joining the Camaro Track concept on Chevy’s stand will be a stock Camaro SS, a Corvette Grand Sport and a Corvette Z06.

With an announcement of the sale of its Opel unit to France’s PSA Group widely reported to be imminent (we’ve heard an announcement could come as early as tomorrow), General Motors may soon be without a major presence in Europe. Perhaps then it’s finally Chevy’s time to shine.

We’ll have all the details soon as the Geneva auto show opens its doors on Tuesday. For more coverage, head to our dedicated hub.