Suspension can be a surprisingly mesmerizing bit of mechanical enjoyment.

Go stare at a Trophy Truck as it rips across the desert and think about all of the work that the springs and dampers are handling. The abuse being dished out is both amazing and terrifying. Yet those trucks float over most of the aggressive terrain in front of them at speeds that would leave most of us reaching for the brake pedal. On a lower tier of suspension goodness, we have the setup found under the skin of the new Ram Power Wagon.

Jason from Engineering Explained managed to wedge a GoPro into the wheel space of the truck. This point of view allows you to see many of the suspension and steering components at work. The back of the wheel and tire typically hide all of this from view, but the GoPro is there to give you a peek.

You can see the Articulink at work, which is a piece of suspension tech that gives the Ram more articulation from that front axle. You can also see the bump stop come into play as the driver of this truck found some hefty bumps to tackle.

Finally, you're going to see a GoPro get smacked around by a tire and wind up pointing in towards the frame rails of the truck. Until that happens, you've got a great view of an angle you don't typically see on a modern pickup truck.