According to a report from CBS Detroit, one or more ne'er-do-wells brazenly boosted a Dodge Charger Hellcat right off the showroom floor from the Snethkamp's Ram City dealership in Highland Park, Michigan, last night.

The scoundrels broke a large glass door to get into the dealer, and broke pushed the car out of the showroom. A camera caught one perp in action and that video is shown in the tweet below. The report describes the car as bright orange. Of course, we know that color to be Go Mango.

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Apparently, the heist has worked thus far, as the hooligan or hooligans got away into the inky blackness of the night.

Right now, there can only be speculation about who these rogues could be. Were they in and out in 60 seconds, led by Nicholas Cage to save his foot-shorter younger brother Giovanni Ribisi from nefarious gangsters? Perhaps. Could the Hellcat now be in a container on a ship to Russia? Might be.

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Was it Dominic Toretto and his crew in a last-ditch effort to buy their freedom? Seems plausible.

Actually, we suspect that it was one or more delinquent teens who will soon be caught. We hope the dealer gets it property back unmolested.

The speculation is kind of fun, though.