Our friend Jason Fenske from Engineering Explained has been teaching us a lot about our favorite subject: cars. Today, he's here to talk about something that just might inspire you to get your hands dirty under the hood of your own car. It's basic, but every car guy should know it.

The topic of the day is how to change your own oil. If you don't want to pay someone, it's something you'll need to do on a regular basis, and that interval changes depending on the type of oil you use. It's a task that's easy to do on your own, but there are some little tricks to know so you don't make a mess or cause a problem. If you think it seems daunting, then just hit play on the video above and you'll realize just how easy it is.

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Here are the basics: Drive your car for a bit to warm up the oil, which makes it easier to drain. Get your car in the air so you can easily access the drain plug and oil filter. Drain all of the old oil, add a bit of the new oil to the gasket of the new oil filter, then install it. Reinstall the drain plug, then lower the car so it's level, and add the new oil.

Check for leaks and the fill level, and add any more oil if needed. Take your freshened up machine for a spin. While you're on the road, you might as well use the time to dispose of the used oil properly.

Very simple. Very easy.