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Less than 24 hours ago we told you the BMW M2 was the vehicle you must have in your garage, by awarding it the Motor Authority Best Car to Buy 2017 title. That still holds true, but the reality is, it's not perfect.

The BMW M2 could be better.

If you want that show but no go

Let me be clear. Nothing I'm about to say right now makes the M2 better in my opinion, but some think it would. Other, more expensive cars wearing BMW M's tri-color badge have M-specific mirror caps, M sport seats, either a carbon fiber roof or the option for one, a long options list including stitched leather this and extendable that, not to mention carbon-ceramic brakes. The M2 has none of this, and you can't option this stuff. Of course, since none of this makes it go faster or become more pure, to us it's just fine.

Less is more, really

In my perfect M2 a lot of what's standard would be stripped out. Get rid of the navigation and iDrive infotainment system, including the screen. A simple dot-matrix display will do just fine, thanks. While I'm at it, I'd also like to see the active safety tech such as adaptive cruise control and forward-collision warnings removed, along with the automatic climate control and rain-sensing wipers.

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The executive package for $1,400 with a rearview camera, heated steering wheel, automatic high beams, active driving assistant, speed limit info, wireless phone charging with WiFi hotspot, and parking sensors isn't necessary.

Those sport seats are great, but they don't need to be power operated, nor do they need to be covered in leather. Slap some manual controls on those seats along with some M-Tech cloth and call it a day. A little Alcantara for extra grip wouldn't hurt, though.

2016 BMW M2 - First Drive

2016 BMW M2 - First Drive

2016 BMW M2 - First Drive

2016 BMW M2 - First Drive

2016 BMW M2 - First Drive

2016 BMW M2 - First Drive

2016 BMW M2 - First Drive

2016 BMW M2 - First Drive

Remove the hand-holding, give me information

The most offensive thing about the M2? You can't turn off the rev-matching feature without disabling all the safety systems, including electronic stability control. This feature needs to go or at a minimum let the driver disable it forever.

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Every real M car has an oil temperature gauge where the typical instant fuel economy info goes in the BMW gauge cluster, below the tachometer. Except, not the M2. It has an engine temp gauge which is merely a slider that goes between hot and cold. For anyone beating the snot out of the M2—which frankly it begs you to do—you want a real oil temperature gauge like a proper M car.

The steering is a smidge too heavy, and it's numb. Others can get electric power steering right—looking at you, Porsche—and yet BMW can't?

It's still fantastic

Look, the above are all small things. To me, they are big things, but in reality they aren't in the grand scheme of things. Why? Because this is 2016 and the M2 proves BMW hasn't completely given up.

Nothing's perfect in this world. Nothing. But darn it, if even some of the above was corrected on the M2 we'd be over the moon. It likely won't be, but we're putting it out there.

Now, sell me my cloth-seat, no-frills, simplified M2 for $40K and let's call it a day, BMW.

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