The Truth About Cars have an in-depth and interesting story about some—let's say, inconsistencies—associated with media coverage of designer Henrik Fisker's latest venture.

Specifically, the comment box below many articles about Fisker Inc.

We highly recommend hitting the link and following the trail Mark Stevenson lays down like Elliot with the Reese's Pieces from "E.T."

For the TL;DR crowd, here's the summary.

Some of the breathless comments about Fisker's new venture—among TTAC, The Drive, and Business Insider—started to look very familiar. They gushed over the "butterfly doors" of his latest concept, for instance.

We'll be the first to say: If you believe everything you read in the comments section, we have a bridge you may be interested in buying.

Noticing the similarities, it didn't take long for Stevenson to wonder if Fisker's PR department might be working overtime. TTAC made the phone calls, did the digging, and found out that there's good reason those comments all look the same.

He notes that Fisker's efforts don't pass the smell test if they're meant to lift the company's own profile while waging "a proxy war against Karma Automotive, the same company Henrik founded as Fisker Automotive in 2008."

Fisker's corporate line, according to TTAC is that, “To the best of our knowledge, none of our employees or vendors have been involved in these activities. We are talking to all of our employees, vendors and partners to make our policy clear and to reiterate that we have never, and will not ever tolerate this moving forward.”

Which is to say, does anyone else get caught for doing this?