A team of hackers from China known as the Keen Security Lab found way to take control over a Tesla [NSDQ:TSLA] Model S.

Additionally, they say they can do it from a distance as far as 12 miles away, according to Forbes. This exploit is an interesting weakness as it didn't require any physical contact with the vehicle.

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The hackers say they could open the truck, move the driver's seat around, fold the side mirrors, and even activate the brakes. Once Keen discovered the various vulnerabilities, they reached out to Tesla directly to discuss their findings. To Tesla's credit, the automaker had an over-the-air update within ten days of receiving this report.

It seems the way the hackers were able to gain access was when a Tesla customer would use the in-car web browser. It also needed to be connected to an open Wi-Fi hotspot. So it's an instance, in Tesla's opinion, with a low probability of occurrence for its customers. Still, the holes were plugged according to this latest fix that was sent out.

It's a interesting demonstration by the hacking team of what's possible if you know how to get into a given system. A person with malicious intent could clearly cause some massive issues for a given Tesla driver. It's also clear, though, that Tesla is ready to respond to such threats and the ability to update a cars security software OTA is a great feature.