A pedestrian safety campaigner recently called to have the drift mode on the 2016 Ford Motor Company [NYSE:F] Focus RS disabled on cars sold in his native Australia.

Unfortunately, idiots like the Focus RS driver in this video only serve to give credence to safety concerns surrounding the feature.

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The video shows a car club outing near New Paltz, New York. The drivers pull over to take a break just off a hairpin but a Focus RS driver decides to attempt a drift through the turn.

The slide runs wide and the driver narrowly misses hitting some of the other cars with his Focus RS. His car then slides into a roadside ditch before bouncing up and smacking an embankment wall.

Fortunately the driver wasn’t injured and the damage to the car doesn’t appear too severe. Hopefully the video serves as a warning to other would-be drifters to keep the sideways action away from public roads.