Imagine driving a car and never having to think about refueling or charging it. That's not far from reality, says Evatran, which has developed a charging pad for the Tesla Model S that's set to hit the market within the next few weeks.

Evatran's Plugless system provides wireless inductive charging at a rate of 7.2 kw per hour, which is enough to supply a Model S with about 20 miles of range every hour. For most commuters, that would provide nearly 200 miles of charge while parked at the office or essentially a full battery in a home garage. 

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The company says that its Plugless wireless charging pad, which kind of looks like an oversized Frisbee, is rated for both indoor and outdoor use, meaning its application potential is enormous. 

Evantran says that Plugless will retail for about $2,500, including installation, and it includes a three-year warranty. For now, the Plugless charging system is only rated for rear-wheel drive Model S sedans, but it intends to roll out a version for the Model X and all-wheel drive versions of the Model S soon.

Initially, Evatran says it will roll out Plugless to a small group of people who completed an early registration before offering the system to the general public.


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