If you're into video games, you've no doubt thrown down a marathon session and gotten lost in your own virtual world. I know I can occasionally still find time to go traipsing around the post-apocalyptic landscape in the latest "Fallout." Still, that session might last a few hours, as I have many other responsibilities that require my time and attention. A team of gamers had a bit more time on their hands when they were able to sit down and set a new world record for time spent playing a racing game.

I'm not talking about five hours of straight game play. Not ten. Heck, not even 24 hours, which might be appropriate given the track they choose. No, these five tired souls raced around the Le Mans Circuit de la Sarthe for over 48 hours. The official record they set is 48 hours, 29 minutes, and 21 seconds. That's more than two days of driving Le Mans.

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The five drivers, ranging in age from 23 to 42, hail from the UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain. Their car of choice for the laps was the Ford GT. The virtual Ford GT racing machine turned an average of 603 laps per driver and the team ran a total of 3015 laps. That translates to 25,478 virtual miles, which is enough to circle the virtual planet.

In order to stay awake for this ordeal, the gamers took power naps and survived on more than six pounds of sweets, as well as 32 energy drinks, 146 bottles of water, and 47 bottles of soda.

We hope those five slept for about a day after it was all said and done. I'm getting tired just thinking of attempting a record like this.