Formula One driver Max Verstappen has just bought himself a Porsche 911 GT3 RS.

The Dutch youngster didn’t escape the hefty markup that the limited edition sports car has been attracting, however, with Swiss newspaper Blick (via Autoweek) reporting that he paid $400,000 for the car.

That’s well above the recommended retail price which here in the United States is $176,895, including destination.

Money probably isn’t much of an issue for Verstappen, though. Recall that the 18-year-old was recently promoted to Red Bull Racing—and he’s already secured his first grand prix win since being promoted. Previously he was driving for Red Bull feeder team Toro Rosso.

Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen

According to the Blick article, Verstappen bought the car to celebrate his promotion. However, he still needed approval from his father, who serves as his manager.

"If Max wants to buy something big, he must get permission from us first," Verstappen’s father Jos Verstappen, a retired F1 driver, told the newspaper. “But Max is very sensible on normal roads.”

Being so young, Verstappen only secured his full driver’s license in October 2015. His previous car was a Renault Clio RS.

Another famous Red Bull driver, Mark Webber, is also a huge Porsche fan. The Aussie, who now drives for Porsche’s World Endurance Championship squad, currently owns a 918 Spyder, and during his team at Red Bull he owned a 911 GT2 RS.