Working on your motorcycle, or simply moving it around a tight garage, may never get easier than this.

An Australian firm has created what it bills the "omnidirectional" motorcycle stand, a stand that makes it a one person job to push a heavy bike around a confined space in any direction.

Dynamoto's stand relies on fellow Down Under firm Rotacaster's multidirectional wheels that can roll forward, from side to side, or even diagonally. Dynamoto uses three Rotacaster wheels on each of the two stands necessary to lift up the motorcycle; one stand goes under each of the bike's somewhat less high-tech wheels.

The stands come in three different shapes for various types of motorcycles. Additionally, since the bike is supported completely upright, all three allow a certain degree of flexibility for working on a motorcycle. One small downside, points out Gizmag, is that the stands can't be locked in place for storage on a slanted driveway. However, one could simply use a wheel chock as a solution. 

The stands cost a $510, depending on current exchange rates, and Dynamoto says it will offer international shipping for an extra charge.


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