Ferrari [NYSE:RACE] rolled out an updated version of the proposed Formula One cockpit protection system known as the Halo for testing purposes during this past weekend’s 2016 British Grand Prix.

The system was tested by Sebastian Vettel during one of the practice sessions. Compared to the original Halo tested by Ferrari in March, the updated design features a more streamlined shape and is also said to be lighter.

The Halo, which consists of a stiff, tubular structure housed over the driver’s head, is one of the various systems up for consideration by F1 organizers to help improve the safety of the sport. Because of the proximity of the central strut to the driver’s head, the safety device has little effect on visibility.

Red Bull Racing has its own solution called the Aeroscreen, which the team recently demonstrated deflecting various high-speed projectiles. Another, less popular solution being looked at is a jet fighter-style canopy that would completely enclose the driver’s head.

Organizers hope to introduce one of the solutions soon, possibly as early as next season.