Supercars are defined by how fast they can go and how quickly they can reach their Vmax, and there’s only one test that pits an array of the world’s top metal against each other, Auto Motor und Sports (AMS) annual Nardo top speed shoot-out.

Surprisingly, Bugatti’s Veyron, the world’s fastest production car, never made it to the magazine’s most recent competition. A quick look in the Guinness Book of World Records reveals that a 9ff modified Porsche is in fact officially the fastest street-legal road car, registering a top speed of 242mph (388km/h).

In AMS’ most recent trials, a Ruf RT12 took top honors with a pass of 361km/h and an amazing 0-300km/h time of just 27.6 seconds. In second place was the Mercedes McLaren SLR 722 with a top speed of 328km/h, followed by the naturally aspirated Porsche 911 GT3 with 316km/h.

The surprise of the day, however, was the Chevrolet Corvette C6 Z06, which topped out at 314km/h for fifth position. Amazingly, the Z06 was the second fastest car to 200km/h, taking only 11.9 seconds, just 0.8 seconds behind the SLR 722. We suspect the upcoming ‘Blue Devil’ will have what it takes to turn the tables on some of the mega-dollar exotics. Click ahead to watch a video of the event in German. The cars are still worth the look.

Via: Bilfeber