People who spend upwards of one million dollars on a car love personalization. It’s the one area where they can spend ridiculous amounts of money in a game of one-upmanship to show that their supercar is more special than the next. This has always been a problem for the maker of the world’s fastest production car, Bugatti, whose Veyron’s options list is virtually non-existent bar some color choices.

Owners cannot change the wheels because they’d need to be designed to travel at 400km/h, and new leather trim can’t be installed across the dash because the airbag would have to be retested in a crash-test. To appease its demanding clientele, Bugatti now offers different colored wheels, new leather seats and new paint schemes. There could even be an option for an upgraded exhaust system one day as well to quell criticism that the sound emanating from the Veyron’s tailpipes isn’t ferocious enough.

So who is buying the Veyron? Apart from the obvious Arab Sheiks, designer Ralph Lauren just picked one up in all black. Then there’s Sly Stallone, and of course, Kumar Soni, whose younger brother Ajay was the first person to crash one. So far, Bugatti has sold 70 cars all up.

As for a new model, VW’s boss Martin Winterkorn put an end to that. Former Audi Boss Thomas Bscher had hoped to build a smaller second model, now our only chance of seeing a new Bugatti is the introduction of an open-top targa model.