The UK man who crashed his brother’s Bugatti Veyron back in March will have his license endorsed with nine penalty points, three points away from being totally suspended. He will also receive a £400 fine but we suspect the trashing he would have received from his older brother would have been much worse.

Behind the wheel was Ajay Soni, the younger brother of Kumar Soni, who had owned the car for just over one week after paying £830,000 for the privilege. After losing control in wet weather, onlookers who witnessed the crash claimed the Veyron hit a Vauxhall Astra driven by a seven-month pregnant woman, and spun three times before crashing into trees beside the road.

According to his lawyer, Soni accepts that he was accelerating “far too quickly for the road conditions,” but also cites the poor weather as a partial cause of the accident. You can see more of his handiwork by clicking here.